Capital D

Capital D is a thematic fund manager. We invest in disruptive companies with a proven business model and underlying profitability in the European middle market.

A thematic investor

We define the European middle market as companies with an enterprise value of €30m to €250m. We invest equity cheques of €20m to €60m and can write larger ones with co-investors.

A new approach

Capital D is pioneering a new approach to investing combining three integrated competencies: intelligence, investment and impact, which we characterise as the third generation of private equity investing. First came financial engineering where deleveraging was the main source of returns. Second came sector-focused funds and value-added private equity where real operational expertise became a key differentiator. In today’s fast moving world, the market also needs innovation and change-focused private equity where intelligence and impact become the new differentiators.

Our unique set-up and combination of skills makes us distinctive on 3 dimensions.


We derive better Intelligence through a proprietary innovation engine – an ideas database sourced from a network of > 21,000 individuals from > 190 countries who spot and report on innovation globally (Springwise) — combined with our industry knowledge to spot disruptive trends and to identify emerging winners.


Our Investment team is led by seasoned private equity professionals with complementary skills, a combined experience of 32 years across 7 funds and a track record in sourcing and executing deals across Europe.


We Impact our portfolio companies by applying a market-leading, agile approach mixing private equity, digital transformation (Re_Set), change management, strategic consulting and operating experience at the highest levels.

The integration of these three competencies gives Capital D a critical competitive edge in today’s fast-changing environment, with the capacity to adapt and react to disruption as the key USP to create value.