Capital D

Differentiated Distinctive Disruptive

Disruption is the new normal, creating unique investment opportunities. Capital D is a next generation pan-European PE fund investing in mid-market businesses that will be winners of the disruption economy. We invest at the intersection of mega, technological and behavioural trends, and believe in agility and purpose as value creation drivers. We leverage our unique ecosystem to help management teams extract this value and make disruption a catalyst for competitive advantage and positive change.

What we look for

Change is accelerating and in every sector, innovative, fast-moving companies are disrupting their industries. Capital D seeks to be their partner of choice.

We invest in businesses run by entrepreneurial and agile management teams, on a mission to disrupt their industries. We like to work with teams aligned with our beliefs and values, namely, the power of agility and purpose as drivers of competitive advantage and ultimately, superior returns.

We look for teams eager to leverage the opportunity of our investment and journey together, to maximise their impact on people, planet and value creation.

What we bring

We merge the rigour of private equity – strong governance, strategic focus and financial discipline, with the creativity, agility and entrepreneurship required to thrive in the disruption economy.

We are values-driven and believe in purpose as a lever of value creation. We are committed to a rigorous environmental, social and governance framework in accordance with the principles outlined by the United Nations supported Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

We bring an ecosystem combining the classic private equity toolkit with expertise in the value creation levers of tomorrow”: innovation, sustainability, digital and technology;  and our experience and network from having advised and managed businesses at the highest level globally.

“A Formula 1 car needs both horsepower and handling to win races. What drew me in to work with capital D was that the team did not just have massive intellectual horsepower, but that they were also people I could enjoy working with.”

- Steven Schapera